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New Moon in Leo July 2022


By Katie Robinson

We all recognize Leo as the passionate, glamorous, exciting, and dramatic fire sign of the zodiac. But how do these traits apply to a moon sign or the transiting moon? Here, we’ll cover what it means to have a Leo moon in your natal chart, how a transiting Leo moon affects us, as well as the characteristics that come with this kind of fire moon.

We discussed all these things and more with astrologer Emily Newman, to get to the bottom of what it means when the moon or moon sign is in Leo.

Moon Sign Meaning

The moon sign represents our deepest, most intimate feelings and emotions. It represents how we instinctively give and receive love. “The moon sign is related to our deep side,” Newman says. “It reveals how we feel, our abilities, and how much empathy we have for others.”

Newman considers the moon sign to be of utmost importance in your birth chart because it is associated with your psychological and emotional responses to the world around you. It’s extremely sensitive. Those who have prominent placements are more likely to easily express or portray these emotions. “People who have the moon in a poor position in their birth chart, on the other hand, struggle with emotions and are unable to connect with themselves and others,” she says. “Generally feel disconnected and face difficulty in expressing feelings.”

Leo Moon Meaning


Leo is known to be exuberant, vibrant, artistic, creative, dramatic, giving, childish, and a little self-involved. Now, apply all these traits to a moon sign—the sign of emotional give-and-take—and you get someone who gives a lot in their friendships and partnerships.

Leo is also very family-oriented and protective of their clan (think: a lioness protecting her cubs!). So, with a natal Leo moon, this native is likely to have a hardcore love of family and loyalty.

Since this sign expects nothing less than the best, Leo moon in the natal chart will give everything they have—but they will also expect the same back from friends and lovers. They must feel adored by the people around them. And this isn’t in vain… it’s mostly because they require the acceptance of others to develop their own self-worth.

This also means that Leo moon people enjoy luxury. “Leaders with rich tastes are born under the sign of the Leo moon,” says Newman.

Transit (Moon in Leo)